Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year - New Look

I'm main-lining Echinacea and high dose Vitamin C and it seems to be working; whichever of the various family lurgies I picked up in London, is staying in the background, trying to have its day, but being kept at bay.

Accordingly, I make it to the Dog Collars & Rabbit Corpses New Year's Eve Party and last until about 3.15am, when the never-ending SingStar finally drives me home.

Anyway, I'm never one for New Year Resolutions, but maybe the time is fitting for some redecoration around these parts. So what do you think? Here's a snap shot of the old version. Shall we have a vote?

New Year, New Look?
Yeah, it needed some fresh paint around here
Oooh no, stick with what you know
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