Sunday, January 27, 2008


Life just seems so busy at the moment and looking at my diary it isn’t set to get any better any time soon. A combination of work stuff and personal commitments mean that I rarely seem to have time to myself.

This weekend the options are as follows:
  1. Head down to London for a Greenbelt meeting
  2. Head up Bolton way for a friends special birthday party
  3. Stay at home and have a weekend catching up on paperwork, housework and possibly even some relaxation
I go for option 3, but predict that come Sunday evening I might be chewing my own arm off in boredom and will want to socialise.

I think it’s a sign of quite how behind and tired I am that actually I spend the entire weekend at home (seriously I didn’t venture out even to the bins) and it was so good.

Now if this roundabout of life could just slow down a little bit, or if I could find a few extra hours in the day…

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Myn said...

If you work out how to do the extra hours in the day, let me know. It's all very well looking after volunteers from 5am to 9pm, but that vital extra hour to balance the accounts (all it would take) and fit 8 hours sleep in never quite fits.

Perhaps a larger crow bar....