Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This evening K and I meet at that temple of Mammon that is the Trafford Centre.

After parting ways on Saturday, K found a top for her party, but is still in need of some accompanying trousers and shoes. Oh and she needs a suit for an upcoming college assignment.

This time success belongs to the demon shopping partnership and just as we were giving up in M&S we spot just the things, a pair of trousers that will work well with the party top and a matching jacket that meets the need for a suit.

I text Stuart to notify him, that his wife has just purchased a pair of shoes that cost twice as much as the suit.

It would be pleasing to think that my penchant for quality cobbler's ware has rubbed off, but in truth it's more of a reflection on the fact that we found the suit in the sale and got it for the unbelievable bargain of £14.

A few shops later, we end up in Debenhams and whilst K submits to a makeover at the YSL stand, I leave her temporarily in order to pick up the coat reserved on Saturday.

Except that Little Miss Surly has had her revenge and no coat has been put aside.

Fortunately, there's one in my size out on the floor and that little fact is the difference I guess between me wryly shrugging my shoulders and being more than a little annoyed. Still it is rather lovely isn't it and beautiful material.

As the stores start to close up, K and I head to the food lanes and enjoy some tapas, before saying our goodbyes in the car park and going our separate ways.

Now if we could just find the exit to the construction work beleaguered car park...

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