Thursday, October 25, 2007


When it comes to aches and pains, I’m generally of the “leave it and it’ll sort itself out with time” school of thinking.

However, my back is still pretty bad and the added and unnecessary complication of a pinched nerve in the shoulder is only exacerbating matters. Given in to pressure from peers I’ve made an appointment with a Chiropractor who has been recommended to me (of course no sooner had I made the appointment than people changed their tune and said I should see my GP first, but hey…).

So tonight, I dash back to Manchester after work and subject myself to an analysis, the preliminary findings of which tell me that my left shoulder is slightly higher than my right, my right hip is significantly higher than my left and one leg is a few millimetres shorter than the other.

He didn’t say which leg, but I figure it might explain why sometimes in life I’ve felt myself to be going around in circles.


Paul said...

Do you walk clockwise or anticlockwise? And when in the southern hemisphere, does the direction reverse? Perhaps you should move to the equator.

1 i z said...

Interesting questions all.