Monday, October 15, 2007

Panic on the forecourt of Piccadilly

Sometimes small factors seem to conspire against you. Today it was a combination of the postal strike and a heavy work schedule, that meant I came close to missing my train to London for the Greenbelt Management Group Review Meeting.

To cut a long and uninteresting story short (yeah, yeah, I know, and yet I'm still blogging it...), the postal strike meant that I needed to pick up my tickets from a fast-ticket machine and the work schedule meant that I'd not a lot of time and I was scurrying across the forecourt of Piccadilly station still in my work heels.

Credit card in slot, I expect it to spit out my tickets (that's how it works at the airport), but no, it wants a booking reference.


I phone Stuart in a panic and ask him to log in to my webmail and see if he can find the booking email (hey he's a minister, I must be able to trust him with my email password right?).

Simultaneously it occurs to me that I have my laptop with me, so I squat on the floor (easier said than done in heels), fire up the Vaio and race Stuart to find the booking reference.

Number procured and entered, I have my tickets and make it to my train with just a few minutes to spare.

Now do you think I should change that email password just to be safe?

Oh and if you received an insulting email from me a little after 2pm today, then take it up with the reverend...

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