Thursday, October 18, 2007


After K rustles up a fabulous meal of fajitas, she, Stuart and I head to the Apollo for an evening with Rufus. Seats in the fourth row - Stuart did good.

We're running a little bit late, but what we catch of the support act Scott Matthews is pretty good.

Rufus however, is in another league. Words and photos can not do justice to the beauty of the music that pours over us. It was a night of total magic.


Rainbow dreams said...

He certainly seems to be getting about recently - the second blog I've read tonight about him!

'Total magic' as a recommendation just adds to the reasons why we should try harder to get off this rock to see people we want to...

Am pleased you had a magical evening.

1 i z said...

Hi Katie,

Trust me, seeing Rufus is a very good reason to travel anywhere!

I'm still toying with the idea of seeing him again tomorrow, which is an unheard of sign of approval!


Rainbow dreams said...

so once wasn't enough! He must be good....:)
have fun if you do see him

Jude said...

Beautiful photo anyway though!