Sunday, July 08, 2007

Windermere and Home

After checking out (P&S negotiate a discount), we shake the damp from our boots and head to Ambleside.

S is unfortunately feeling a bit grim - we make a cheerful bunch.

With glimpses of sun to be had, P decides that rowing a boat on Windermere is just what we need. Whilst S demurs, I'm more easily persuaded - I love being on the water.

Heading to Bowness (that hell-hole of a tourist trap) and armed with pocketfuls of tissues we find ourselves a boat. What finer way to waste an hour could there be?

I'll confidently maintain that we made a fine sight, exhibiting smooth and refined rowing style (I'll maintain this confidently, principally because I know S failed to capture anything on her phone video camera). And look, rowing away from the crowds, with the sun out and the hills resplendent in the background - what a blissful place to be!

Of course as I endeavoured to capture evidence of the spectacle that was P rowing us back, I may have let my attention to navigating lapse just a little.

The expression you can just about see on P's face here is saying "don't the red buoys mark the rocks?".

Ah well, we got back in one piece...

Just time to have one last ice cream, before its time to say our goodbyes and for me to head home and P&S to head on into the Lakes for the second part of their holiday.

Home late afternoon, I head to bed. My nose is streaming, my head has started banging and I'm feeling crap. Despite the weather, despite this cold thing, it's been an absolute top break away. I love both the Yorkshire moors and the Lakes, but more than the locations, it's been so, so good to spend such excellent time with my best friends like this...I don't think it's just the physical ailments that are making me feel a little low tonight.


Kathryn said...

Oh hun, - I wish you weren't stricken with lurgies so it by any chance possible that you are seriously overdoing just about everything??
Sounds like a wonderful time, despite all, though. Hope you are not totally engulfed in end of holiday blues.
Hugs xx

1 i z said...

Entirely possible!

And possible not too surprising that I suspect I picked it up off someone the same weekend when I hit the point of having to have a show down with someone/a situation that is causing me so much stress.

Of course I'm no doubt giving my body a battering in other ways that explain why little lurgies are hitting me so hard right now. This getting healthy crap - it's no good for you I swear ;-)

Kathryn said...

Well, just take care as and when you can, ok. We're rather fond of you xxx