Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Strid and Bolton Abbey

The weather today is supposed to be a little better, so we head down river a little and follow the signs to the Strid.

Well it seemed the better of the two options:

The woods keep the worst of the rain at bay we follow the sculpture trail up one side of the river gorge and then back down the other.

Fortunately the views of the gorge are fabulous, which makes up for the rather disappointing attempt at a sculpture trail. Half the exhibits were missing (notices seemed to suggest a mixture of 'sold' and 'removed due to vandalism').

A few of those that survive were worth finding, but this one supposedly of Eve and the serpent, looked rather more to us like a woman taking a large dump.

Philistines I know.

Heading down to Bolton Abbey, we grab some lunch and then wander around the ruins and up the river. The weather may be pretty lousy, but you have to admit it makes rivers, streams and waterfalls, excellent viewing. There are a few drawbacks however. For example one wrong step in places and you'll get swept away big style. Similarly if you were hoping to see the stepping stones near the Abbey you might be disappointed. Can you spot the difference?

Publicity shot:

What we found:


Merlin said...

I hope a little water didn't stop you using them

1 i z said...

hmmm you know that comment about being swept away, well although it looks quite calm, it was incredibly fast moving and pretty deep above the stones...well at least deeper than my walking boots are high, which is the salient point...

Merlin said...

Why do I feel that calling you "chicken" at this point may result in me having some fairly horrible task to complete in, oh I don't know, about a months time