Friday, July 06, 2007


Arriving in Hawkshead we have a quick mooch around before getting some lunch in the Sun Cafe.

Leaving P&S to continue, I give in and head to bed in our strange underworld domain.

Bumped by the Sun Inn due to a double booking, we're in the Red Lion. Unlike the sublime inn of that name in Burnsall, the Hawkshead version is altogether scruffier at the seams and we're shown to the 'family annexe' basically a lounge space and two bedrooms in the basement of the pub.

As we arrived I thought it smelt a bit musty and felt a bit cold and damp, but by this time my temperature is rollercoaster, so I'm no judge and frankly I just want to curl up in a bed and sleep.

Awaking later in the evening, I potter out into the lounge space to find a picnic laid out for me by the two loveliest people in the world. All manner of delicious bits from the deli (smoked salmon, halloumi and peppers etc), fresh Ava strawberries and best of all, having heard my Burnsall inspired comments about how its one of the best comfort foods, a pot of Ambrosia Rice Pudding. There are even roses stuck in makeshift vases fashioned from water bottles.

Sometimes the utter wonderfulness and thoughtfulness of your friends makes you draw breath.

Oh bugger now my eyes are running to match my nose.

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