Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Grassington, Haworth and Oakworth

Ah, just what I needed, a great night’s kip in a fab room.

The weather forecast for today is pretty poor, so plans for walks are shelved in exchange for a morning trip to Grassington.

After lunch, with the rain still falling regularly, we plump for a trip on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. The route may not be the most picturesque, but frankly any steam train is a pleasure in my book.

On the return leg we break our journey at Haworth.

Exiting the station we head up the incredibly steep hill that any visitor to Haworth will be familiar with. Strangely though, it’s not looking very familiar, but maybe if we just get beyond this next street…

Until we reach the point, where S and I turn to each other and query whether we’re on the right side of the valley.

And now we come to think about it, isn’t that the famous Haworth church building facing us at eye level on the other side?

Ah well, the exercise is good for us no doubt and at least it’s stopped raining for a bit.

Having ascended the correct slope, we mooch about the tourist friendly gift and curiosity shops, pausing only briefly to take in the sight of Nick Frost being filmed for something or other…very random.

We spend a lovely evening at friends A&K in Oakworth and get back to Burnsall in time for another late evening walk along the river (downstream this time).

We're not sure what's been going on in the district, but in addition to one very poorly looking live bunny, we passed numerous rabbit corpses. Looks like they need Stuart to do a clear up.

Timing it to perfection, we get back just as the very last of the light is fading. At least the evenings have been fine I suppose.

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