Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yet another curry

Home last night and good to have a really long hot shower and a night in a proper bed. Unfortunately I have the familiar signs of cellulitus in my leg (they did warn me it could reoccur) so today it’s a trip to the doc’s for some anti-biotics.

Feeling a bit ropey, but with no food in the house anyway I rouse myself and head to Rusholme.

Stuart, K and my ‘three favourite (not actual) nieces’ and I are developing a post-Greenbelt tradition of a quiet curry at our favourite restaurant (if you have to ask you must be new to this blog…). Good times and lots of cuddles from my younger two nieces who spent the last week at their grandparents. It all helps alleviate the growing yukiness I’m feeling (which either means the infection has hit the bloodstream or I’m yet again not having a good reaction to the medication).

Still curry is a solution to most ills…

At the festival it was observed (as part of the ‘L1z is the shallowest blogger in Greenbelt land’ discussion), that curry is a frequent subject on this blog.

It was remarked by one wag “well if I ever found myself in M@nchester in need of a decent curry, I’d know where to look”.

See this blog does have a purpose after all!

Yay! I have a use!

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