Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hidden Shallows

Somehow I’ve agreed to be part of a panel on blogging

As I predicted, it seems I am indeed the token shallow person.

So there’s John D on wonderful urban context stuff, Maggi, Jonny and Kester on theology, emerging church and the like, Dave who does the cartoon blog with a work angle and then L1z – who talks about shoes, gigs and Boswelbollox.

Just as I start to have a blogging crisis (why the hell do I do this? is it arrogant to put your stuff on-line at all? why do I have no focus to my blog? how come I can't do deep stuff? etc), I realise a key difference between me and some of the others – I write this because I like writing; if friends read it and we keep up with each other’s lives then great, but ultimately I’m not in any sense addressing the world (in fact it freaks me out to think ‘other’ people find this waffle). Accordingly perhaps it doesn't need anymore justification than this: I do it because I enjoy writing it and because I enjoy reading other people's?

Anyway, after conversations with Steve L, I’m seriously considering changing the subtitle of this blog to "Hidden Shallows"...and not for the first time.

Still at least I don’t go to an art’s festival and spend my time desperately trying to find a tv to watch the cricket on. At first it seemed that these sad folk must be watching feeding time in the Workers’ room (chuck a Pie in amongst a gathering of stewards and I presume you get a sight akin to neon yellow hi-viz piranhas in a feeding frenzy)...

Honestly and we go to all the lengths of laying on fab entertainment like Bedlam Oz and the Polar Explorers...but no what do they want to see? Sodding cricket.

I ask you...this:

or this: ?

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