Monday, August 29, 2005


Somehow the weekend has flown by.

After another very late night, I fall out of bed and into a Management Group meeting; where I’m greeted by the news “you have to have your photo taken for the website”. Oh that’ll be a good pic then – so not looking my best!

Moving on from such vain concerns, Make Poverty History day and the Wizard of Oz theme is everywhere (Heart, Brain and Courage).

The yellow brick road is looking good as I pass on my way to the Ops Meeting.

Realising that all the Ops team are working all the time and missing the chance to see things at the festival, Karen arranges to bring a little bit of it to us and Juliet Turner accompanied by Harry Napier open the meeting with too gorgeous songs.

Such a beautiful, beautiful gift.

At midnight I finally get to properly go to something and sneak in to see an hour of Last Orders. The fabulous Jude is on good form.

And then before we know it, the last night draws to a close and the workers head to the Organic Beer Tent for a wrap party.

Wonderful way to finish it all off – laughing more than is good for anyone.

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