Thursday, August 25, 2005

Buddies and Exercises

Well the buddy system is working well; my buddies Stuart and Nick the traffic/site managers are kidnapping me regularly and I’m getting away from the never ending stress at the same time as getting to know the site and campsite better.

They even let me drive the tonk (so cool on bumpy ground – I’m getting a taste for 4WD off-roading).

Cullen passes us at one point on the campsite and as Stuart reflects the horrified look on his face simply says “I’ve created a monster!”.

By the time I’m coming out with stuff like “oh you mean out by junction 26” and giggling with glee when I accelerate over the bumps everytime Stuart attempts to answer a radio call, he and Nick are looking at me in a similar manner…

Of course they all get their own back in the afternoon. I think it went along the lines of “let’s secretly plan a major incident exercise and make L1z the unsuspecting Duty Manager at that point”.


Still I do at least get my own back on Geoff, who had no idea the “shall we go to the volunteer’s session” wasn’t such an innocent enquiry.

Still he shouldn’t have imagined that he’d ‘retire’ after years of fantastic service on the H&S front without us marking the event in some way.

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