Friday, December 03, 2004

Yeah, but no, but yeah...

My energy and finance levels aren’t fit for a big night out, so Jo and I settle for a curry at the Punjab (where else).

Jo persuades me to join the gang in getting tickets for Little Britain.

I don’t know how she managed it really; I’d already decided against when the first wave of dates came out for November 05. It seems crazy buying tickets (which aren’t cheap) so far in advance.

So many risks: will I still find them funny in a year’s time, will I still be friends with the people I’m buying tickets with, will I still be living in this city/country etc. I find it way too hard to think sensibly that far ahead.

It seems however that sufficient numbers of people either don’t share my reservations or else have overcome them as the first wave of dates have sold out. The new dates that Jo is referring to are in February 06!

How did I get talked into saying yes?

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