Monday, December 06, 2004


As feared the council had told M that they would be unable to take any measures to prevent the ‘neighbour from hell’ having access to the building, until such time as there was a successful prosecution etc.

Given that the guy was still coming and going at all hours (never staying long enough for the police to catch up with him) this is hardly a satisfactory situation. M and her other neighbours feel decidedly unsafe. M is back on the rehousing list, but is determined not to let him win and intimidate her. At time’s like this I remember what a tough cookie she is, I guess compared to torture and murder this is small fry. I also had to laugh when she related her surprise when the police ask whether or not she would be prepared to give evidence – particularly in light of his family already having been around to harass her. However, if the toerag was hoping he’d picked on someone who would be too intimidated to fight for justice, he so chose the person with the wrong back story!

However the problem of him still having access to the building remains. Our one hope, is that given he is just out of prison, he’s probably on licence and so if/when the police catch up with him, he’s likely to be straight back into custody.

Once again though, M shows her true colours. Not content to sit back, she organises a petition from all the neighbours in the 2 sets of flats and one way or another his flat is now boarded up and appears the council have found a way to speed things up.

You so wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of M - a force to be reckoned with!

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