Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Cards

I’m frantically trying to finish off the last of the Christmas cards and once again cursing myself for leaving it so late.

Of course one can perhaps be too organised in these matters. The other weekend I was stunned by the precision operation being run by my sister-in-law. The process had it’s own spreadsheet, with a full record of who they had sent cards to and who had sent cards to them stretching back over the past few years. It even recorded whether or not newsletters had been sent/received.

This data was the cue for decisions re who to send what. Frankly with the addition of a few algorithms the whole process could have been completely automated.

Maybe I have an irrational distrust of these Christmas newletters. It just seems so impersonal, strained and all too often so self-congratulatory. Very few seem to come off well, though I do have the soft spot for friends of mine who bring humour to the proceedings. A particular favourite from a few years ago started: “Five of the facts in this newsletter are complete fabrications…can you spot which ones?”.

So I won’t be doing a newsletter this year or any time soon.

I blog so I don’t have to.

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