Saturday, December 04, 2004

So in the good books!

The ear is still a bit painful in cold weather, so I opt for a day at home.

Stewart heads over to mine mid-morning, armed (of his own accord!) with a bunch of flowers, some scrummy pain au chocolat, bacon and a fresh loaf.

As I tend to the flowers, not a bad first effort from a man who has never, ever purchased flowers before (S: "I don’t see the point in flowers, they just die...", L: "sweetheart, giving isn’t about you!"), he does all the cooking and as we settle down to a brunch of warm pastry and bacon sarnies, he produces the piece de resistance: a copy of Monsters Inc, which he knows I haven’t seen. Apparently he even listens to me!

It’s the perfect film for a lazy day and the short pre-film For the Birds is hilarious - definitely gives Boundin' a run for it's money.

A blissful way to spend the day and there doesn’t even appear to be an ulterior motive...

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