Friday, May 08, 2009

Strid Wood-Chatsworth-Leek

All around Burnsall lies the Duke of Devonshire’s territory. Place after place displays the tell-tale colour code and crest of the Cavendish clan, a family well adept at charming the money from your pocket.

To be fair (if one really must given it's such aristocratic nonsense), when it comes to dealing with the public, they do it well and have been ahead of the curve in areas like disabled access which wins many a brownie point with daughters of MS sufferers like S and myself.

That said we weren’t too impressed on our last visit at the amount of entry fee we were charged to enter the Strid Wood near Bolton Abbey, particularly given half the exhibits in the advertised sculpture trail had been temporarily removed due to vandalism and other reasons (we did debate trying to ask for a pro-rataed rebate, but...).

Accordingly with only a few hours to spare we try a different approach and find a small free car parking area upstream of the Strid. From here you can follow the Dales Way and lo and behold we find ourselves pecuniarily unencumbered in Strid Wood.

The walk along the river is fantastic and as we depart we are rather satisfied to have evened out the financial equation from our last visit.

As we head south (en route to Leek to meet P) however, the weather starts to deteriorate and the long and the short of it is we find ourselves exploring the grounds (and tea shops) at Chatsworth.

They got us after all.

All roads eventually lead to your pockets being emptied.

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