Thursday, May 07, 2009


With no firm plans in mind, armed with S's trusty OS map we walk along the river from Burnsall to Grassington where we weigh up weather forecasts, potential walks and bus timetables and decide to get the bus to Kettlewell and then walk back along the Dales Way.

Arriving in Kettlewell we consider the various options for an early lunch. We should have listened to our gut instincts rgarding the Cottage Tearooms. Or at least having failed to do so, we should have been less British and been prepared to leave, despite being the only customers in.

Dirty tables are fairly unforgiveable at the best of times, but when the cafe is empty of customers and three staff are milling around?

Having to ask to have a table cleaned is not good and when the party concerned jokes about how everything is stuck to the tablecloth, you have to wonder when it was last cleaned. Last season perhaps?

The food is at least in keeping with the menu and distinctly underwhelming, ok but very basic which is not reflected in the prices.

I think the realisation that we were being too polite was when S suggests we use the public toilets in preference to those in the cafe, because "I know they're clean". I do point out the irony of having been prepared to eat in a place where we don't trust the toilets...

With lunch and sticky plastic table cloths happily fading into memory, we join the Dales Way and enjoy a fabulous walk above the valley, back to Grassington. The sunshine and wind are the perfect antidote to urban living.

Life is good.

Tired and happy we enjoy a well earned drink before heading home to Burnsall.

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