Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision 2009

Annual Eurovision party time. I think it went better than last year...well being in the correct country was a good start (always helps when throwing a party at your house).

Little bit of a blip when the impressive efforts of a friend to get the BBQ really blasting courtesy of a hairdryer, proved to be a bit more than the extension lead with all the outside lights on,had left to give. Still we managed to restore power just as Mr Norton kicked off proceedings, so all was well.

Food was consumed, cocktails were downed, flags were waved, bonkers entries were enjoyed and sweepstakes were won.

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Merlin said...

I found this year incredibly disappointing. Graham Norton did a good job and almost lived up to Terry. But the entries didn't meet my expectations. There was simply nothing that was really bonkers enough. No monster rockers on platform shoes. No puppets. It really wasn't Euro.