Thursday, April 30, 2009

Duke Special

First support tonight was provided by a Swedish lass performing under the moniker Foreign Slippers.

K and I leave the others at the back and push forward for the better view/atmosphere.

Maybe it was because of the increased proximity, or maybe it was a predisposition to like anyone who walks on stage with a hat of twigs and birds, but whilst those at the back seemed distinctly unmoved, K and I were rather impressed.

I purchased her EP in the foyer after the gig and it's not at all bad; sure she needs a bit more confidence/polish as a live performer, but I'd happily see her again.

The second support is less than impressive (mad percusionist as counterpoint to the Duke's haunting melodies - good, as a counterpoint to prog rock guitarist - hmmmm...). But it provides a chance to chat and drink before the main event.

Duke Special commands the stage and weaves his magic, catching you up into his unique world; as ever an utter pleasure and an examplar of what is good about live gigs in small venues.


hugger steward said...

he's bloody good, isn't he... I've been gutted that the last two times he's hit the UK he's come close to my house, but only while I've been at uni :-(

However, there seems to be a solution to this - some festival round my way in August bank holiday, where I've heard he's playing. Hurray for gb, yet again :-D

Rob (the ergonomist). said...

Were we at the same gig? I thought the warbling twig-head was dreary and the second support was upbeat and fun. After that, it all disappeared into a painful haze...

Rainbow dreams said...

Foreign Slippers, I thoroughly enjoyed at GB last year but left without the cd, can't remember why, perhaps they were sold out or I was distracted elsewhere...
and Duke Special, I have waited and waited to see live, all previous attempts at getting to various venues having failed, so am delighted he is going to be at a festival in Cheltenham later this year, not too far away now!

I was very curious and keep wondering - about the olive tree seeds... or will I wait for all to be revealed? Katie, :)