Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I’m not quite sure whether it was wise to say yes, but this afternoon finds me in London for a meeting to try and pull ideas together for the Greenbelt communion.

I think M and I are closing in on something like a plan, if anything the challenge is to whittle down the bounty of ideas to something solid and coherent, but the very prospect of trying to come up with something that at least some of the potential 20,000 festival goers will appreciate is rather daunting.

Of course tradition dictates that whatever we go with, at least 50% of people complain vehemently. Whilst my head tells me to brace myself for that inevitability, I know deep down that my skin can be far too thin most of the time and I will doubtless take it personally.

And then there’s the challenge of appealing to a very broad church of tastes and a wide range of ages. Can you avoid the all-age horrors whilst still keeping the kids involved or at the very least occupied? Will the budget stretch to a few thousand iPhones?

Straight from that meeting and into the next, a good Table session, with some excellent new voices around the table.

Bless the lovely B, she knew it was my birthday (hey what a way to spend it, meetings that I don’t even get paid for!) and had arranged for a tray of amazing cup cakes (sparkly bits the lot) with candles a top. A nice balance between being embarrassed and feeling loved.

The train home is delayed and it’s all the more aggravating as I can start to feel a migraine attack starting to take hold. Not good.


LauraHD said...

I feel your pain at the GB service... but I don't recall 50% of people complaining about the one sunny year a few years back, you know the one with the red balloon release?... ;-) Do your best, it's all you can do (I sound like someone's mother).

1 i z said...

The balloons set a very high bar indeed :-)

I think part of my nerves are to do with the subject matter of this year's service - we know and accept some will vehemently disagree. Hmm well my head accepts that anyway...