Saturday, February 23, 2008

What I did on my holidays...

I don't do the New Year thing, but in as much as I ever make resolutions, I was keen that this year, one way or another, I would try and get more proper holiday. In terms of a 'full week away somewhere' I think I've probably managed one week in Scotland and one week in Morocco in the last...ouch, probably 10 years.

On the plus side my tourist carbon footprint is positively respectable.

That said I'm badly in need of more proper down time; so this year I'm fighting back against the time demands of family and festivals, preparing to swallow the costs of unpaid leave and all in all trying to make a very little stretch a lot further.

Accordingly, last year when P&S suggested a week away in February, it seemed like the perfect idea. It was all had to be finalised a bit last minute (for various reasons) and we've had to reconcile ourselves to the environmental impact of the flights, but we did it and resultantly I spent the last week of Feb in Cyprus, with the bestest of friends.

I shall now take this blog into previously pretty much untroubled waters and proceed to bore you silly with tales of "wot I dun on my hulidays", suitably accompanied by slide show...

After an early morning lift to the airport (greater love hath no buddy) and a two hour delay, we finally made it to Paphos where we were met by the lovely H, S's cousin.

The first night was spent at H's who made us feel incredibly welcome and cooked us the most amazing mousaka.

Also on the plus side the in-flight magazine informed us that the airline took it's environmental responsibilities seriously and in a bid to reduce carbon emmissions had reduced the weight of this very magazine by 32g. So that's alright then...

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