Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Shipping News

Time to have my back cracked again. It’s three week’s since the last appointment and it tells a little. Some intensive manipulations later, things seem to free up and the Chiro is happy to go to a monthly schedule. I just need to keep up my commitment to my prescribed daily regime of exercises.

Straight from there to Book Group, to discuss The Shipping News.

A good discussion, but I’m just so tired, so head home early and crash.


Boatylicious said...

Does this Canadiana reading mean you'll be making a visit to the colony anytime soon ;)?

1 i z said...

Hey! Long time stranger! How the devil are you missus?

Trip to Canada? One day maybe, one day...

Boatylicious said...

All is well - it's FRICKIN' cold here! And tons of snow this winter, which is simultaneously beautiful and irritating. Other than that, work is work, Marco is wonderful, shopping around for a new home but so far to no avail. We're reading "Known World" for our book club on Friday, which sadly, is a deadline I won't be able to meet, but I'm trying!!

You should just come. Seriously. You've got lots of places to stay, although waiting until T & E and Marco and I buy houses would increase your comfort level, I can't lie ;)

What are you up to these days? How's your world?