Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rest and Disturbance

Tomorrow brings an important meeting with the client. A meeting that myself and my colleague have been dreading for months.

So a day of sleep and general rest is necessary in the hope that I will possibly feel better.

It seems to be working.

Until I'm disturbed by the sound of something on the porch roof. That's either the biggest squirrel in Christendom, or a scallies trying to nick the lead flashing. Again.

A bang on the window and the shout of "Oi" has him on his felonious way, but not before he's ripped a whole strip of lead free (though some satisfaction that he has to scarper empty handed).

The police are unusually attentive. Now I may be suspicious, but does it really take an hour to take a statement for such a simple event? They're incredibly lovely though, so I really shouldn't complain and it would certainly be beneath me to pass comment on the warmth of my lounge in contrast to the sub-zero temperatures outside...

One kind neighbour helped be get the lead to a safe place. Another tells the police I'm a lovely neighbour and a third tells them likewise and even comes across to check I'm ok (and then again with the name of a builder they can recommend).

I could have done without it all (especially given I'm in pyjamas), but the kindness of the constabulary and my neighbours has me feeling all warm.

Mind you the writing skills of one of the officers was truly shocking, but I felt it would be churlish to refuse to sign a statement on the basis that the spelling offended me...

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Rob (the ergonomist). said...

I certainly have done so before. But maybe that's just me. And it wasn't with the Fuzz.

Ho Noez wot pepl fink ure splenning es lyk?