Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So not at all formal then...

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard my mother really laugh. Laugh in that uncontrollable, ‘might wet my pants any moment’ manner.

I’m therefore glad that the following exchange caused her to laugh thus, but it is the only redeeming feature of the tale.

I merely rang her to let her know that as our MD was unable to make some do related to a charity our company have just become patrons of, I was having to attend and I thought it might be in London. If that turned out to be the case I would try to organise things, take leave, etc to combine it with visiting her.

"So what type of do is?” she asked “Is it very formal? Will you need to dress up?"

"Oh lord I hope not, you know how I hate anything like that" I replied

"If it’s in the evening, you might need to buy an outfit"

"No way, you know I hate stuff like that. It’ll be fine, I’ll just wear a work suit."

"So not a big formal do with meal then?"

"No, I think it’s the same thing that they mentioned in a letter the other month that I got a copy of. I’m sure that mentioned it just being a drinks reception…hang on I’ll find the letter."

L1z rummages through in tray...

"Yes here you go, it’s fine, it is just drinks, no big deal…it says: "I would like to invite you to our annual Patrons Drinks Reception, held at the Institution of Civil Engineers, where you will be presented with the Patrons certificate by HRH The Princess Royal."….OH BUGGER!"

At this point my mother started laughing uncontrollable in what can only be described as a very unsupportive manner.

Ideas as to how I can get out of this?


Anyone at all?

And don't think mentioning courtseying will be anymore entertaining coming from you lot, than it was from my hysterically giggling parent...

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