Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Penguin Passion

Thanks to Ship of Fools for the heads up on this one:

Apparently the ever so slightly batty US religous right are singing the praises of the Docufilm "March of the Penguins", suggesting it supports the theory of Intelligent Design and is a great example of monogamy, family values and dedicated child rearing.

An excellent and amusing response can be found by Sheerly Avni here.

Her closing line pretty much sums it up:
"So we have sex with up to 20 partners in a lifetime, tolerance toward gay couplings, and males who take "Go ahead and work late, honey, I'll watch the
kids" to a whole a new level. Again, we'd bet these aren't the family values the
Christian Right had in mind. But paid paternity leave? We'll take it."
But I feel the last word on the matter should go to one Shipmate whose response to this section from the first link:
"anti-abortionist campaigner Jill Stanek says the nurturing penguins were a
stinging lesson to women who contemplated a pregnancy termination.
"I remembered last year's March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC, when
pro-aborts gathered to bolster their right to kill babies," says Stanek, in a
column on WorldNetDdaily.com. "I thought maybe a penguin movie analogy would
help people understand."
was to suggest:

"Hot damn, they're onto something! If you knew you were going to give birth to a
lovely cute penguin instead of some ugly ass baby nobody would want an

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