Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Go Jerry! Go Jerry!

Good news, Jerry Springer the Opera will now be doing a national tour after all.

Stephen Green of the ever so delightful (supposedly) Christian Voice is quoted as claiming that the director Stewart Lee has a "perverse missionary fervour". I see the Irony Olympics are alive and well.

He's also encouraging people to try and protest and get the tour pulled. I hope he fails to get any significant support. I hope anyone duped into following his lead first time around has had their eyes open to quite how much of a fruitcake extremist he really is.

I feel sick to the stomach when people like this presume to represent a faith I hold dear. The way of Christ that I recognise may not be about perfection, but it is about love, grace, justice, peace and living life to the full; it is certainly not characterised by mean spirits, judgmental attitudes, lack of compassion and closed minds.

But then I guess Mr Green and co would suppose my mortal soul is beyond all hope.

Luckily I don’t think it’s his call.

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