Thursday, July 14, 2005

...when a plan comes together

The Greenbelt Blog is back up and running. Accordingly I'll be copying a few of my more Greenbelty posts there. Like this one:

The ability of Greenbelt’s myriad networks to make weird stuff come together never ceases to amaze me.

In the course of a conversation about something entirely different, my friend S mentions how he is currently involved in a secret mission to hopefully bring something rather impressive to Greenbelt this year.

It’s not so much that if I told you about it I’d have to kill you, but rather that if I let any cats out of bags he’d probably take out a contract on little old me (well he wouldn’t personally want to get those perfectly manicured hands dirty now would he?).

Anyway, key to making this happen is the need to source a handful of expensive, contemporary looking, sofas and chairs (trust me it makes sense when you know).

They need to have a particular look. His best idea to date is to try and blag and borrow off a furniture store in Cheltenham. Greenbelt 05 brought to you in association with DFS? Hmmm maybe not…

So I mention to him that I happen to know where there are one or two rather posh leather sofas and armchairs are at the racecourse, but my memories of them are a little vague.

I send an email to one of my Venue Managers who worked in the general vicinity of said furniture last year (and kept the great unwashed clear of where they’re stored), to see if he remembers better.

Not only does G know which sofas and chairs I mean, but he provides S with full descriptions and best of

My email response to S demands his awe and admiration regarding how amazing our Venue Managers are.

His response?

“Why’s the weirdo taking photos of furniture?”

Some people are never happy.

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