Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strange Items

Ok, Ok…due to popular demand here are pictures of some of the strange items that I have purchased or been given of late.

First off may I present the rather marvellous belated birthday present I received from Caroline when I visited.

It appears my views on the dark side of hamster life are shared by others…

Next let us move on to the item that caught my eye at the Cheltenham Car Boot Sale.

Obviously it has now made its way to the Home for Mutant Giraffes in Bristol, where it will be able to enjoy life amongst other freak giraffes away from the laughs, jeers and rude stares of folk that don’t understand.

I’m given to believe that its motorised wheels get up a fair head of steam on kitchen lino.

And finally, the treasure that Sally found on the same stall and decided I needed in my life.

Yes it’s what everyone needs – a penguin soap dispenser that makes a penguin sound when pressed.


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