Monday, July 11, 2005

London Routine

I’m starting to get used to these monthly trips down to London for the Greenbelt Management Group meetings. Already little patterns and routines start to emerge.

I take a half-day's leave, dash back to Manchester, dump the car and get to the train station in plenty of time, so I can nab a seat on the train with a plug socket.

With iPod on and the laptop fired up I rattle off a couple of hours of Greenbelt work, whilst the countryside flies past.

From Euston it’s a simple enough journey, just a couple stops on the Northern line to Moorgate.

Today I’m wondering if it will feel different.

It doesn’t really; we don’t stop at King’s Cross and there are staff and signs everywhere, but other than that it’s business as usual. What else can we do but get on with life.

I’m grateful to emerge above ground at Moorgate and make my way down London Wall, but simply because in this weather the underground is always so stiflingly hot.

At least the subterranean world of the Greenbelt offices is the opposite, cool and refreshing. A few pre-meeting meetings with people and then the main event.

This is the penultimate Mgmt Grp meeting before the festival and there’s so much to get through. So much good, good stuff to cover.

Seeing things like T’shirt designs makes it seem so real, so close.

From the meeting I dash back to Euston in time to get the last train home. A slower journey this way, but quieter. Again the laptop is the centre of my world – Greenbelt work for the first hour, then DVDs and relaxing for the last two.

By 1.30am I’m home; remarkably calm and unstressed considering the madness of this round journey. As the adverts used to suggest – it’s always best to let the train take the strain.

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