Friday, February 18, 2005

Top Shelf Publications

Caroline's Blog reminded me of the incident that lead to this discussion.

I was in a local newsagent's tying to track down a copy of the NME, when I was mildly pleased to notice that the shop in question didn't stock the usual type of magazines one might usually see on the top shelf.

However as I fruitlessly scanned the wall of publications to try and find what I was after, I realised that my sub-conscious was very uncomfortable with me raising my eyes to the top shelf.

When another customer walked in, the situation got worse. It felt so dodgy to be looking upwards, above the usual 'safe level'.

On sharing this experience, Caroline (wise as ever) pointed out to me that the problem was unsolvable as "there will always be a top shelf". This of course is perfectly true, but they could of course leave it empty, no?

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