Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Taking the Rise?

I feel like I’ve joined some sort of internet club today.

I received my first ever viagra spam-mail.

I suppose I’m lucky to have survived so long spam-free. Well I say luck, I’m ever vigilant about when and where I disclose my email address and make sure it’s never on a website.

You can imagine how delighted I was therefore to discover a few weeks ago that a certain group (who if I didn’t think were lovely people and well intentioned, I’d be shouting the odds at), decided, without warning or announcement to list all the subscribers email addresses in a semi-public webspace. I took my address off the list as soon as I found out, but…

Chances are it may just be coincidence that a few weeks later I get my first ever piece of spam, but even so, it makes me all the madder that people that I want to approve of so much could make such a ridiculous (and chances are data protection act busting) foul-up. I know the error of their ways has been well expressed to them by others and so I won’t heap coals on their heads, but it doesn’t mean I’m not ever so slightly fuming.

I’m also slightly tempted to type the email address of the list administrator here so that some nice spam spider can come and pick it up and return the favour…but I figure I’ll take the higher road.

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