Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Feast

I like Saturdays when there is nothing that has to be done. Just an expanse of hours that can be filled how you choose. Go out or stay in, do something exciting or just kick back and relax.

Waking up with a nagging headache, I opt for a lie in followed by a lazy day of reading, listening to music and catching up on phone calls etc. Unfortunately the rest of the world hasn’t come up with the same plan and my morning of sleep is repeatedly punctured by the phone ringing…ahh well.

Come the evening, I’m round at Stuart and Karen’s for a fabulous meal. It’s hard not to feel overawed and a tad guilty when you realise the time and effort Karen has put into the meal (the girl knows how to entertain!).

However one mouthful of the amazing ragu or the baked Italian cheesecake is sufficient to convince that the hours of preparation are totally worth it and I’m just really lucky to have friends who can cook this well.

For my journey home, I entrust my life to a mini-cab driver who is clearly rather intent on beating the land-speed record. Luckily the wine takes the edge off this experience and I just buckle up and hold on tight.

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