Monday, December 29, 2008

Surreal Christmas

One of the following surreal incidents did not form part of my Christmas day, can you guess which?

  • Having my father suggest we didn't take our presents over to where we were spending Christmas day, but instead save them for Boxing Day on the basis "we'll only have to bring them back here

  • Watching my brother dress-up as Noel Edmunds (fake beard and hideous shirt etc) and lead a game of Deal or No Deal in front of about 300 people.

  • Spectating as my father and brother partook in a fascinating game of who pays for the turkey. Greatly amused as the winner (the older generation) then attempts to remain gracious on discovering the gargantuan proportions of the turkey his offspring has purchased.

  • Trying not to guffaw too loudly as animal-loving aunt and owner of new rescue feline remarks mid-afternoon “ooh let me get my camera, so I can show you all photos of my pussy”. Reflect that perhaps they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital, on realising that not a single eyebrow was raised in my entire family at the above comment.

  • Feeling for my dear sis-in-law as she discovered that the older generations request to see the Queen’s Speech, was not ironic.

Ok, I'll confess. There is no odd one out, they all happened.


Myn said...

To be fair, the prospect of taking the presents which my father had already driven up to Manchester from Bucks, down to Cornwall on the night train, only to schlep them about North Somerset for a bit and bring them back, minus the paper, to Manchester again does begin to seem eccentric.

Kathryn said...

Do I want to ask about the back story for the Noel Edmunds incident...? Tell me later :-)
I'm glad your Christmas allowed scope for the ridiculous at every turn.

Cal said...

You had 300 people for Christmas??!!! That's quite some family!