Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There are two sorts of people who notoriously tend to use the network of cut-through paths that link -up our little estate and the vast waste ground beyond, robbing scallies capitalising on the quick get-away created, or hardy dog-walkers.

Fortunately the caller at my door today proved to be from the former not the latter.

“Ooh I’m glad I’ve caught you in” she said “I have a parcel for you”.

It seems that she happened to be passing with her hound a few days previous, when the post office were attempting to deliver a largish parcel to my house.

I’m not entirely sure that delivery personnel are supposed to leave private mail with random strangers that live several streets away, but happen to be passing at the time.

Thank goodness she was honest, they hadn’t so much as put a card through my door, so I wouldn’t have even know the parcel existed!

So here’s to honest dog-walkers and lovely senders of gifts called Sally – it looks very intriguing….do I have to wait until Christmas?

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