Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas - where it all started

As I look back at 2008, undoubtedly the thing that had the greatest impact on me, was my journey to the West Bank.

Our time spent in Bethlehem brings a new nuance to all thoughts of the nativity story.

Fittingly some of my fellow travellers have pieced together some bits of audio recorded on our trip, and with photos added and a narration by the lovely Paul, a podcast has been created.

Enhanced Christmas 2008 Greenbelt Podcast from Greenbelt Festival on Vimeo.

For better audio versions (mp3), transcripts, more details etc, click here.

A short snippet of Amos Trust's DVD about Bethlehem can be found below:

And if you fancy helping secure a playground for the kids of Beit Sahour, you can donate here.

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