Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What to Wear?

Just a little bit of a dilemma, friends getting hitched on Saturday and I haven’t really given any thought to what I’ll wear.

Obviously the shoe side of things won’t be a problem, it’s the outfit itself that’s causing the problem.

The problem is this, weddings generally require colour, quite possibly pastel; I don’t do lots of colour generally and pastels not at all.

I do own a couple of tops that might vaguely pass for something of a ‘paler’ shade, if not strictly speaking pastel, that I bought in my year of blondness the other year*, but the blonde thing didn’t suit me anymore than these tops suit the current hair colour.

Maybe a slightly darker outfit is acceptable at this time of year?

I know, I know I’ve left this all far too late.

Let’s hope the bride has been a little more organised, eh?

*Also the year of my last passport application. I was wearing one of said pale tops when I stopped off in the photo booth. Of course the Passport Office now remove the white background so that the pale coloured pattern of the paper is visible all around your head. So what with pale skin, blonde hair and light top…basically all you can see is my eyes. Though on closer inspection, one ‘friend’ commented “fuck me, it’s Myra Hindley”. You know, it wasn’t just the high maintenance roots thing that caused me to turn my back on that look…


pab said...

Well the groom has an outfit. Had trouble finding shoes though. There's a reason women tend to have more shoes than men - there appear to be just three designs of smart mens' shoes on the market. When you have them all, why buy more?

See you Saturday.

sally said...

oh LIz I kniw, I know...no time to shop. Too fat for 99% of my wardrobe. My AGM later this morning. What to wear to that too??? Panic setting in...... see you later hon (ps not wearing a hat....)

1 i z said...

Pab - 'trouble finding shoes'? You should have said...if there's one thing Caroline and I are good at...

I'm sure she could have been prevailed upon to let you in on a Bristol shoe hunt!

Sally - NO HAT?!?!?!?

Honestly woman, there is such a thing as standards...

(obviously I have a lovely pale peach affair, complete with feathers and ruffles. the only reason I might not wear it is if I can't find an outfit to match...)

Maddie said...

Hi, rather late now but I have a lovely burgundy dress that I have worn to a variety of weddings ('m such a cheapskate) anyway, plenty of people wore non pastel colours to our wedding. The main aim is to avoid white I think.