Tuesday, September 05, 2006


“ So let’s go round the room and each person say who they are, what their job is and why they chose to be on this course.”

Time to panic. I can cover the first question reasonably ok (even at this early hour of the morning). The second is going to get trickier as my senior boss is sitting next to me and we never did quite agree what the job title is for the technical element of my new role. As for the third, well neither I, nor my reviewer, listed this course on the training request form that is supposed to be the catalyst for getting any training. So why am I on a C0nflict Management training course? Is someone in the organisation trying to tell me something?

“I’m 1iz”

So far so good…

“I’m the Project Manager for the F1rst T1me Sevverage programme”

Still on solid ground.

“…and I’m also the Technica1…errrrr what should we call it Fred*?

I shoot a desperate appeal for help to senior boss man and we decide on manager…

“…errr Technica1 Manager, for the Netvvork Des1gn teams across the business unit.”

Ok got through that one ok.

“and to be totally honest, I’m not totally sure why I’m on this course.”

Bit weak, but it’s accepted and we move on.

However, as we go round the rest of the room, it becomes apparent that the vast majority of people present have similarly not requested this course.

At the first break time we discuss how ridiculous this is and how we should really take the matter up with our Training Department as to why we get sent on courses we and our managers don’t feel we need, but can’t get on the courses we do request. We should call them to task for this complete ineptitude.

But none of us really like causing c0nflict…

*names changed/mispelled to protect...well me frankly ;-


DaveF said...

Aaahhhh, now I understand the "thank you for your valuable comments" reply to my usual moaning mails ;-)

1 i z said...


If only there really were a course for how to deal with that world of pain Dave!