Monday, September 11, 2006

Dartmoor 2006

Heading on from Caroline’s I met up with my parents at our favourite hotel in Dartmoor. A lovely friendly family run country house hotel, which just couldn’t be more helpful in catering to mum’s needs. This year we’d arranged for a carer to come in to help get mum up in the morning, which helped it be more of a holiday for me, but more especially Dad.

We were really lucky with the weather, other than a bit of a chilly wind on the first couple of days, we enjoyed blue skies and sunshine. The perfect weather for walking around the Tors or just chilly out with a book.

The annual trip to Kit Hill in Cornwall was undertaken and memorial to Dad’s mother duly paid. The trip across the moors and across the Tamar is one of my favourites, just stunning.

On Sunday morning we sat out at a spot not far from the hotel and had lunch before I set off for home.

This is Mohican the Mischievous Pony. He came to say hello with his mum trailing behind.

How cute.

Until he started wiping his arse on the corner of the car (I blame the parents).

We had a chat, he came to understand my concerns and stopped with the rubbing.

However, just as we’d forgiven him, the little blighter leant forward and deftly picked up my Mum’s bag with his teeth. The photo I don’t have is that as I darted out my seat and swotted him on the snout to make him drop it before he could carry it off.

Now that would have been an interesting end to the holiday.

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