Friday, March 20, 2009

They tried to make me go to rehab...

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of the second rehab workshop for my back.

Over a year on from sustaining the injury, regular chiropractor sessions and dutiful completion of daily exercises have seemingly done the trick and problems are rare and easily fixed (hmm those exercises are supposed to be daily you say?), so now we’re working on properly sorting out the underlying problems rather than just keeping the symptoms at bay.

See how I’ve got on board with this whole chiro thing – verging on the convert evangelist me...

The rehab workshops have introduced a Swiss Ball into my life.

Can’t say I ever thought there was a Swiss Ball shaped hole in my life.

More pertinently it turns out there really isn’t a Swiss Ball shaped hole in my house.

At one point the trainer clocks that I’m looking rather perturbed at the latest exercise she’s just demonstrated.

I have two concerns, I can’t figure where in my house there’s a long enough straight space to replicate this particular move and the eng1neer in me just feels that any move that culminates in you resting your weight through your arms, with your head pointing downwards and your legs tucked up under you with your feet perched on the top of a cylindrical device is just intrinsically unwise.

Certainly the last thing it would be sensible to do at this point would be to then stretch your legs out straight and then bend them back up, rolling the ball forward and back. Madness.

I only share the first of the concerns, this is not the place for cynics.

Anyway as it turns out, despite initial appearances, the move is actually one of the easier in the set of ten. Lord only knows what the third and final rehab workshop will bring.

I just can’t quite shake the feeling that this is all very unwise and likely to end in injury. Possibly to my nose - did I mention I have very thin carpet on concrete floors?

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Merlin said...

Hearing you trying to explain carpet burn on your nose is something that I look forward to