Sunday, November 25, 2007

Props Weekend

At what seems to be becoming known as the Props weekend, the Greenbelt Festival Operations Team and Programming Group met for a review and planning weekend.

It felt like a productive time and hopefully good things will grow out of it. As ever I'm awed by the roomful of people that just blow my socks off with what they do and what they bring to the show.

The lovely folk at the Oblate Centre look after us beautifully and Sally does a great job of organising all the accommodation and socialising and it's nice to see her finally sit down and relax when a few of us find the time on Sunday afternoon to grab a posh high tea at Crewe Hall.

It's the kind of place that is just perfect for Christmas decoration.


Caroline said...

shit i missed it didn't I.

1 i z said...

There was a Caroline shaped hole in our weekend. :-(

Merlin said...

O I see. A Caroline shaped hole but not a Merlin shaped hole. I understand. Not that I'm bitter (and a smidge twisted)

1 i z said...

Merlin, there may well have been more than one hole in the weekend.

Now don't sulk. It's not a good look.