Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Wheely Bin Fairy

Bin day today. For the last few months they’ve taken to collecting from our street at around 6.30am (I don’t need an alarm clock on Tuesdays!). At any rate it means that of late I’ve been able to bring the bin (aka handy fence jumping aid for local house-breakers!) back into the back garden before I leave for work.

Today they were obviously running late. However when I eventually made it home tonight I found my bin neatly stowed by the back gate (rather than halfway down the close where the bin guys usually leave it).

I know who did this; it used to happen all the time when they used to do the collection later in the morning. It’ll be my neighbour Marjorie. She must be late sixties/early seventies, but she’s not the sort to let the years get in her way.

I caught her in the act once when I was working from home. I thanked her, but she just seemed embarrassed and muttered that she knew I wouldn’t want it left out as it is a rather obvious sign that no one is at home. She’s bang on.

What blows me away is the quiet and unassuming nature with which she does this act of thoughtful kindness.

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