Friday, March 26, 2004

Curry night

After another long day, I headed out with friends for a curry. As ever we automatically headed for the Punjab restaurant in Rusholme. I guess you could call us regulars… or maybe even tenants.

Let’s put it this way, they know what we want without us having to order!

The other week we actually decided to go somewhere different and tried out the Nawaab, just down the road from us in Levenshulme. The Nawaab restaurant on Rochdale Road in Manchester and the one in Bradford are both excellent, so we were hopeful.

The new venue at Levenshulme is a different style set-up. It’s a massive affair, situated in a refurbished old art-deco style Bingo Hall, that I think may even have been a cinema originally. The downstairs space runs as a buffet with as much as you can eat for a set price. Our verdict was definitely that this resulted in quantity over quality. Stilll it seems to be popular – it was packed to the gunnels on a mid-week night.

Anyway…it was back to the Punjab last night and the food was fantastic. When you’re knackered it’s great to go out with friends with whom you’re totally comfortable, to a place that feels a bit like a second home. Bliss.

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