Saturday, January 21, 2006


Weekends should be made of days like this.

Mid-morning meeting with P and S for coffee (or a huge frothy choc with marshmallows in my case). Then a spot of shopping with S followed by lunch and then I leave her and head to my hairdressers to catch up on all the gossip (oh and have my hair cut and coloured).

Home in time to dump the shopping, get the car and head to the Northern Quarter for a Greenbelt Escape to Safety (and hangers-on such as myself) reunion over a fab Lebanese banquet in The Cedar Tree.

The only downside to the day was the absence of Radc1iffes. Firstly my hair takes too long so I’m unable to make the offer of a meet-up for coffee with my eldest ‘favourite niece’ and friend and secondly despite last minute hope due to changes in other plans, the possibility of the clan joining us in the evening comes to nought.

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